“Not only when purchasing or selling, but enjoy your boat every day.”


We receive offers from the marinas preferred by the yacht owner and follow up and coordinate the necessary correspondences. In this way, within the scope of cruise planning, we generate the best solutions to your berthing location and marina preferences in all countries where you will stay.

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We make applications to the relevant ports and follow up the documents for flag changes of your yacht.

We follow up the relevant annual charges and ensure that they are paid regularly on time. We take out your compulsory boat insurance at the most affordable prices covering all the clauses and follow up all the relevant procedures on behalf of you.

Fuel Bunkering; We organize refueling at current global prices.
We follow agency (entry-exit) translogs.
We supply provisions.

We ensure that all the kitchen needs of yachts are covered and the inventory is kept according to the request of the boat owner.

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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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